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"Gentlemen of the jury, I am grateful and I am your friend, but I will obey the God rather than you, and as long as I draw breath and am able, I shall never cease to practice philosophy, to exhort you and in my usual way to point out to any of you whom I happen to meet: 'are you not ashamed of your eagerness to possess as much wealth, reputation, and honors as possible, while you do not care for nor give thought to wisdom or truth, or the best possible state of your soul?" ~ Socrates

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"LUZ SUBLIME" is my attempt at having less blogs, by concentrating and specialising one on spiritual life, Swedenborg and (my) arts.
It was urgent for me, because I didn't have yet a page where to share the happiness I feel in these readings or studies, while the rest is going on in my life. And I wanted to be able to share (the reasons for) that uplifting enjoyment.
I still have nevertheless the complexity of the "bilingual writing and multilingual thinking".

I'm in the beginning of my serious blogging, because I'm beginning to organise things. I hope to improve in this too.
Most folks maybe learned organisation earlier, but for me, it is special. I have been on a de-construction long journey, and got no help in constructive structure.
The advantage is that now I structure in a new way, coming from inside.

Other's people participation, would by all means be fine and appreciated if it comes, because it's lonely on this side, but it's up to you.

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St. Catherine of Alexandria – YouTube

via St. Catherine of Alexandria – YouTube.

The scorning and the crowning with thorns, through the Painters

«Luz Sublime"

caravaggio  eccehomo 1606 caravaggio eccehomo 1606

I wrote this few days ago, on the 16th, but had still some things to correct in the english, and that is why it comes out now, a bit later.

“But to repent signifies to be merciful”. Swedenborg, Arcana Coelestia, 587

“For all mankind are evil, and of himself every one would rush into hell, wherefore it  is of mercy that he is delivered thence.” AC, 587

What does this mean?
It means that probably all of us — receptors of the Divine — can as well be influenced by others, can “fall”. For instance, what did I do in other lives? I don’t know. I guess…. Or lets put it another way: if I had grown up with or had only known extremely cruel people… Like others, I would be influenced, and maybe do that too. This is what this means. What it means is the…

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The scorning and the crowning with thorns, through the Painters

caravaggio  eccehomo 1606

caravaggio eccehomo 1606

I wrote this few days ago, on the 16th, but had still some things to correct in the english, and that is why it comes out now, a bit later.

“But to repent signifies to be merciful”. Swedenborg, Arcana Coelestia, 587

“For all mankind are evil, and of himself every one would rush into hell, wherefore it  is of mercy that he is delivered thence.” AC, 587

What does this mean?
It means that probably all of us — receptors of the Divine — can as well be influenced by others, can “fall”. For instance, what did I do in other lives? I don’t know. I guess…. Or lets put it another way: if I had grown up with or had only known extremely cruel people… Like others, I would be influenced, and maybe do that too. This is what this means. What it means is the same as when the Eastern says “all is God”. Or when, in one passage, I don’t remember which, Swedenborg describes the following scene in the spiritual world: some spirits are creating a beautiful gift for Christ, and at the end they are all happy and cheering. Swedenborg tells them then that all they did, was coming from God, and not from themselves. And they were surprised for they were not aware, and felt it was from themselves.
This is a beautiful theme which keeps coming back in Swedenborg, explained in a great way. So what Swedenborg is saying can be seen as very condemnatory of the human being. For he is saying that all the good comes only from God. Or it can be understood as the mystics do, when they finally say “all they see is God, all is God”.
Then it becomes quite clear, what it means that all Good is God and comes from God.
Swedenborg explains evil as what happens when human beings start being very powerful, and they think it comes from them, as it happened in the past to some of the very advanced human beings, of the Most Ancient Church. That’s how their religion finally deteriorated, very very slowly, with the time, bit by bit…

Então cuspiram no rosto de Jesus e o esbofetearam. Outros lhe deram bordoadas, dizendo: "Faz-nos uma profecia, Cristo, quem foi que te bateu?"

Então cuspiram no rosto de Jesus e o esbofetearam. Outros lhe deram bordoadas, dizendo: “Faz-nos uma profecia, Cristo, quem foi que te bateu?”

Of course the whole issue is hammered by the Eastern spiritual teachers too. But still there are many questions about it, and I find the way that Swedenborg exposes it, very helpful:
He says we need to feel we are doing things as of ourselves, yet knowing or remembering that they come from God.

Further, Swedenborg’s exposure,  replies to the atheist or sceptic, or non-christian, or previous christian, who talk with contempt of God, who let his son suffer such a fate among human beings, to save them.
The crucifixion is not what saves people!
Jesus suffered all that, because he had to undergo the temptations and processes of human beings, and he underwent all this, in a way that he has defeated evil from the Earth.
Although people think otherwise, the truth is that without his message of love, which we learn so badly and slowly, humanity would be even more lost and in a more advanced state of cruelty. He fought with the evil, yea, with evil spirits, with hell. And in his conquering brought salvation to Earth. But that doesn’t mean that “we are saved, because Jesus was crucified, and we believe”.
I agree with all the people who think that that can not be true.
And the catholic faith, in the past, always defended the same as Swedenborg in this respect.
So Jesus crucifixion is much more then what we think, actually.
But it doesn’t substitute neither our private paths, nor the need for us to stop the cruel inhumanity which humanity has created.

So, when Swedenborg is saying that human beings are bad, it means that without God, humans (remember them getting tyrant powers…) do NOT, can NOT succeed in making a better society ! For ultimately, all good is God and comes from God. It’s like light. We may become stars. But what is a star without the light?

Thus the Crucifixion, is, historically speaking, the volunteer confrontation that Jesus had with evil because it does exist: it comes between us and a path of joy, it oppresses US, individually and collectively, sending the earth into a path of steel and concrete, of mechanical and materialistic “transformation” of the organisms and human beings into advanced controlled machines, with even much less consciousness, freedom, love and compassion.

It’s not for nothing that the Resurrection, in the world of Spirit, is celebrated in it’s correspondence on earth with the coming back of Spring and Life. The reason is that the real Life is not the coming back of Nature, but Life is the Spirit which inhabits Nature.


Titian, Coroação com Espinhos e Escárnio de Cristo

Titian, Coroação com Espinhos e Escárnio de Cristo


Anthonis_van_Dyck_La coronación_de_espinas El Prado.

Anthonis_van_Dyck_La coronación_de_espinas
El Prado.

Flagellation Michael Pacher 1495-98 Vienna

MYSTAGOGY: After 32 Years, Crucifixion Icon Returns To Monemvasia

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Voltemos por um momento ao tempo em que estávamos todos muito contentes, com a perspectiva deste pão, e de irmos fazer coisas muito boas:

A respeito da inteligência : Quando perguntaram a Jesus o que era o principal de tudo, enfim, o principal mandamento, porque era um judeu a perguntar, se fosse um de nós, tinha perguntado: o que é mais importante eu fazer?
E Jesus respondeu: amar a Deus com toda a alma, com todo o coração, e com todo o entendimento.
Hein? Que frase incrível.
Com toda a tua alma, é portanto… enfim… o que é a alma para vocês ?
Depois, com todo o teu sentir, sentimento – todo o teu coração. Fogo é muito. Mas às vezes não pensamos na alma um pouco como no coração? Não dizemos que a alma está guardada no coração ? É por isso que é interessante, não sei o que está no original, mas é interessante ele não dizer, ao que parece, espírito, por exemplo, mas com toda a alma, com todo o teu ser, o teu ser interno.
Depois, com todo o coração: portanto assim como amamos o nosso amor e os nossos filhos, ou mais.
E por fim — e era aí que eu queria chegar — com todo o entendimento !
Ora bem, todas aquelas pessoas que se queixam da fé ser contra a inteligência, ser para pessoas que não pensam, ser contra a razão. Está lá, “com todo o entendimento” !!!
Não diz que é uma coisa de fé sobre a qual não se possa pensar, ou que não se possa entender! São as palavras do próprio Jesus… “com todo o entendimento”.
É preciso fazermos possível o entendimento.
Não podermos entender, é uma das razões principais de depressões, de problemas e dificuldades, de coisas que nos travam, e que impedem a comunicação entre os seres humanos.

Estudos sobre a abertura ao Verbo, o Logos e o Antigo Testamento

Mas afinal, é preciso o Antigo Testamento, para virmos a praticar os ensinamentos de Jesus?
A resposta é não, se nos referirmos a todas as pessoas, e sim, se nos referirmos a, pelo menos, suficientes. E isso por muitas razões. O que não é o tema deste post, além de que são tantas, que eu não conseguiria nome-á-las. No entanto, essas muitas são a necessidade de eu dedicar tanto do meu tempo e forças a este tema, e a atravessar a depressão que a linguagem do Antigo Testamento provoca.

Sobre a nossa relação com o Verbo, o Logos, a abertura das ideias contidas num pensamento ou numa palavra das Escrituras Sagradas

(nota: as doutrinas celestiais reveladas nos escritos de Swedenborg, são parte essencial dessas Escrituras, revelando o seu interior, sem o que as mesmas, em particular o Velho Testamento, é palavras morta – como a pele do corpo separada do mesmo ou o cadáver de um ser humano, sem a vida; o que existe tão pouco, como um ser humano que viva apenas pelo seu corpo material, isto é, sem vida. AC=Arcana Coelestia)

AC1869 ~ É possível  uma abertura às ideais contidas num pensamento, ou até numa única palavra, e isso deu-se com Swedenborg, e dá-se na outra vida ou por vezes nesta, em pessoas que viveram em caridade (compaixão) ou amor recíproco. Na vida do além as próprias ideias podem aparecer sob formas visíveis, pictoricamente. Desvelam-se coisas belas e mais outras delícias e encantos em cada palavra, letra ou ideia do Logos. E, destas coisas interiores que se tornaram visíveis, é possível de novo desvelar-se o seu interior, que contém coisas ainda mais belas, que dão felicidade, e assim sucessivamente. Assim são as ideias angélicas. ~ AC1869
AC1869.2 ~ Que as ideias contidas no pensamento do Verbo se possam abrir e desvelar da forma acima descrita, é comparável à observação de formas da natureza física, as quais, quando observadas a olho nú, aparentam ser apenas uma mancha escura ou uma forma única e opaca, mas que revelam ser compostas por uma miríade de formas, cores e mundos, quando observadas ao microscópio; e comparável a que o mesmo processo se repete quando a observação se dá sob um microscópio mais potente. O mesmo portanto, se dá com as ideias, as quais, previamente à sucessiva abertura espiritual são o mais grosseiras possível, embora não tidas como tal. ~ AC1869.2
* – *

É possível descobrir estas delícias através de uma disciplina espiritual, individual, de acordo com a (com)paixão acima referidas, e este é um processo mais ou menos raro no mundo, como este é hoje em dia, sendo na maioria das vezes, até mesmo parado e impedido, interrompido ou combatido pelas forças do anti-cristo, ou simplesmente pela ordem social estabelecida: seja por aqueles que não atravessaram processos interiores e aprendem e procuram ensinar a espiritualidade, tendo apenas conhecimento da memória, exterior; seja por “médicos” ou seus relacionados, que hoje em dia invadem escandalosamente processos interiores espirituais superiores ao seu entendimento, incapazes de discerni-los de “doenças”, tendo as suas invasões substituído outros tipos de pressão e perseguição social que nos são amplamente conhecidas de um passado histórico que hoje em dia nos escandaliza, como a inquisição, ou a total opressão espiritual da mulher; seja pelo mecanismo financeiro, ou, e, por outras pressões, influências e pessoas do complexo social, afectivo, familiar, profissional ou político.
Ora isto é contra-produtivo para todos, vindo o conjunto dos opressores, com os corpos sociais que eles guiam, a tornarem-se mais tarde as vítimas inconscientes da sua opressão e incompreensão, pelas quais impedem a transformação social e financeira positiva que apenas pode florescer a partir dos tais processos interiores espirituais divinos. Muito mais pessoas têm capacidade para atravessá-los do que aquelas que o fazem. E isto dar-se e formarmos situações em que tal se pode dar, é necessário à vinda do Reino de Deus, e realização da segunda vinda de Cristo. Assim como a uma melhoria das condições sociais. Sem isso, não há qualquer melhoria, apenas pioria.
Mas é inútil atacar estas pessoas. Mais útil é expor, dando a conhecer e a sentir, das mais diferentes formas, as razões para mudarem de atitude, e compreenderem, e permitirem.
AC 1878 – Os nomes de seres humanos, reinos e cidades da Bíblia, tal como as palavras do discurso humano, desaparecem ao ascender, pois são terrenos, corpóreos e materiais. As almas que entram no outro mundo deixam-nas progressivamente, e aqueles que entram no paraíso, completamente: os anjos não retém nem uma ideia de uma pessoa ou do seu nome. Assim, o que é Abraão, Isaac ou Jacob, eles já não sabem, mas formam uma ideia própria do que por elas é significado ou representado. Nomes e palavras são para eles como poeira ou escamas que caem quando entram no paraíso.
O discurso dos anjos uns com os outros, é de ideias e não de palavras, tal como as do pensamento humano sem discurso, que é o universal de todas as línguas. Somente quando falam com seres humanos, o seu discurso descende à forma da linguagem humana. Mas as palavras proferidas pelos homens são grosseiramente materiais, emitidas e recebidas pelo organismo físico, transmitidas pelo ar. Assim, nenhuma palavra da Bíblia passa para os espíritos ou espíritos angélicos; e ainda menos para os anjos, para os quais permanecem apenas as verdades espirituais e a bondade celestial, que são variadas, inefáveis no seu mais mínimo detalhe e ligadas de forma contínua a representações agradáveis e belas, das felicidades do amor mútuo que são as suas fontes; que são felizes de prazeres e belezas porque são inspiradas pela vida com Deus. – AC1876

Apêndice ao assunto acima, devido a ser uma pergunta premente — sendo o que se segue no entanto, uma pequena parte de algo a desenvolver muito mais:

AC 1874 – Muitas coisas na Bíblia, mais ainda do que se pode imaginar, são ditas de acordo com as falácias das aparências e das ilusões, tais como a “fúria, vingança e ira de Deus contra os maus”, “Deus têr prazer em levá-los à ruína ou destruição, ou em matá-los.” Mas estas coisas foram ditas apenas para que as persuasões e cupidez dos mesmos, pudessem ser não quebradas mas dobradas, pois que se tivessem sido ditas de outra forma, teria sido como atirar sementes à água, porque eles só compreendem através de falácias, aparências e persuasões, e as instruções teriam sido por eles imediatamente rejeitadas.
Mas estas formas de discurso foram capazes de servir como contentores de coisas espirituais e celestiais, por nelas se insinuar que todo o mal vem dos espíritos diabólicos, e que Deus faz com que todos os males feitos devido à liberdade humana sujeita à influência desses espíritos, se tornem grandes bens; e por fim, vir-se a compreender que nada senão o bem, é de Deus. Paralelamente a apreensão do significado das escrituras sagradas no sentido literal desaparece enquanto ascende, e se torna espiritual primeiro, depois celestial, e por fim, Divino.
Repare-se que Swedenborg está aqui a explicar não o sentido destas palavras, mas sim, porquê que tal aparência foi permitida, apesar do seu sentido real e seu significado ser outro da aparência.
Responde à nossa pergunta legítima: se estas crueldades da Bíblia não querem dizer o que aparentam dizer e o seu sentido é outro, porque foi permitido terem esta aparência?

( Direitos reservados de autor!
Nota: os parágrafos dados com AC… são traduções muito livres acrescentadas de comentários a esses mesmos parágrafos de Swedenborg: não citações.
Os parágrafos sem nada, são os meus pensamentos.
lol – faz falta aquele estudo universitário etc etc. )

Ps – e o dia já vai curto, e há tanto que fazer: a ver se uso as bolas! :D

For people busy with the meaning, violence or absurdity of the Bible


Art, is the closest to God, of all things man made. Also in art, one doesn’t say: “it’s already done: Raphael painted already the most beautiful Madonnas or symbols of Christianity, even the Secrets and Mysteries are already painted. The abstract painters have painted all there’s to paint, and said all there’s to be said through abstract painting. All is already said and done.” No.

But, truth be told, I, more then once, heard these opinions. People convinced that it was so: that there was nothing more to say, that all had already been said in the Fine Arts.

I tell you: what an illusion!!! For me — although I recognise the superiority and unbelievable genius of past masters — … there’s art to be done infinitly!

There are always new ways of telling things that are adequate to other hearts and other people. A new approach of truth, a new add to it, a new view, something that includes other things which others can not see. For we are all carriers of parts, little parts of God’s manifestation.

So, too, it may be helpful that I will make my resumes or presentations of the Sacred Scriptures, like I told you in the recent post, “AC.1872 ~ Swedenborg

“The previous and the following paragraphs to this one are extremely beautiful and enlightening about the Sacred Scriptures. I’ll have to study to make them shorter though, before I can present them.”

I am dealing with illness and lots of such issues.

Just like you don’t wait for the creation of one artist to enjoy art, and just like art doesn’t depend of one artist, please, while I’m struggling with my life and illness, I want to tell here to all the people that there’s already much fabolus work done — many many art works done, in order to explain the real meaning of the Bible.

Which answer most questions about violence or absurdity in the Sacred Scriptures. So, while I have right at this moment no time for more, I leave here at least one link, which contains more then what may seem:



The search for truth (doctrine) & the essence of Christianity

“You can not talk peace until the enemy surrenders. And the enemy is the Roman Catholic Church”
~ Reverend Ian Paisley (born 1926, Northern Ireland Politician)

“In the Christian world it is doctrinal matters that distinguish churches; and from them men call themselves Roman Catholics, Lutherans, and Calvinists, or the Reformed and the Evangelical, and by other names. It is from what is doctrinal alone that they are so called; which would never be if they would make love to the Lord and charity toward the neighbor the principal of faith. Doctrinal matters would then be only varieties of opinion concerning the mysteries of faith, which truly Christian men would leave to everyone to hold in accordance with his conscience, and would say in their hearts that a man is truly a Christian when he lives as a Christian, that is, as the Lord teaches. Thus from all the differing churches there would be made one church; and all the dissensions that come forth from doctrine alone would vanish; yea, all hatreds of one against another would be dissipated in a moment, and the Lord’s kingdom would come upon the earth.”

~ Arcana Coelestia II – Emmanuel Swedenborg

Extreme complex matters annotation:

After this I returned home, and the next day, from a recollection of these sad scenes, I looked to the same forest, and saw that it had disappeared, and in its place there was a sandy plain, and in the midst thereof a lake, in which were some red serpents. But some weeks after when I was looking thither again, I saw on its right side some fallow land, and upon it some husbandmen; and again, after some weeks I saw springing out of that fallow land some tilled land surrounded with shrubs; and I then heard a voice from heaven, \”Enter into your chamber, and shut the door, and apply to the work begun on the Apocalypse, and finish it within two years.\”
… … …


THE LORD SAITH, JUDGE NOT, THAT YE BE NOT CONDEMNED, Matt. vii. 1; which cannot in any wise mean judgement respecting any one\’s moral and civil life in the world, but respecting his spiritual and celestial life. Who does not see, that unless a man was allowed to judge respecting the moral life of those who live with him in the world, society would perish? What would society be if there were no public judicature, and if every one did not exercise his judgement respecting another? But to judge what is the quality of the interior mind, or soul, thus what is the quality of any one\’s spiritual state, and thence what his lot is after death, is not allowed; for that is known only to the Lord: neither does the Lord reveal this till after the person\’s decease, to the intent that every one may act freely in whatever he does, and thereby that good or evil may be from him, and thus be in him, and that thence he may live to himself and live his own to eternity. The reason why the interiors of the mind, which are kept hid in the world, are revealed after death is, because this is of importance and advantage to the societies into which the man then comes; for in them all are spiritual. That those interiors are then revealed, is plain from these words of the Lord: _There is nothing concealed, which shall not be revealed, or hidden, which shall not be known: therefore whatsoever things ye have said in darkness, shall be heard in light: and that which ye have spoken into the ear in closets shall be preached on the house-tops_, Luke xii. 2, 3. A common judgement, as this for instance,–\”If you are such in internals as you appear to be in externals, you will be saved or condemned,\” is allowed; but a particular judgement, as this, for instance,–\”You are such in internals, therefore you will be saved or condemned,\” is not allowed. Judgement concerning the spiritual life of a man, or the internal life of the soul, is meant by the imputation which is here treated of. Can any human being know and decide who is in heart an adulterer, and who a conjugial partner? And yet the thoughts of the heart, which are the purposes of the will, judge every one.

via Conjugial Love, by Emanuel Swedenborg: 501-550.

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A girl with a dress of shining black, hastening

“There appeared to me a beautiful girl with a radiant face, passing quickly upward toward the right, and making some haste. In age she seemed to be in the first bloom — not a child nor yet a young woman — becomingly clothed with a dress of shining black; so she was hastening on with gladness from light to light. It was said that the interiors of the Word are such in their first ascent; the black dress was the Word in the letter. ”
AC.1872 ~ Swedenborg

The previous and the following paragraphs to this one are extremely beautiful and enlightening about the Sacred Scriptures. I’ll have to study to make them shorter though, before I can present them. How do you take such Sun light in your hands, and make it “shorter” ?


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