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For people busy with the meaning, violence or absurdity of the Bible


Art, is the closest to God, of all things man made. Also in art, one doesn’t say: “it’s already done: Raphael painted already the most beautiful Madonnas or symbols of Christianity, even the Secrets and Mysteries are already painted. The abstract painters have painted all there’s to paint, and said all there’s to be said through abstract painting. All is already said and done.” No.

But, truth be told, I, more then once, heard these opinions. People convinced that it was so: that there was nothing more to say, that all had already been said in the Fine Arts.

I tell you: what an illusion!!! For me — although I recognise the superiority and unbelievable genius of past masters — … there’s art to be done infinitly!

There are always new ways of telling things that are adequate to other hearts and other people. A new approach of truth, a new add to it, a new view, something that includes other things which others can not see. For we are all carriers of parts, little parts of God’s manifestation.

So, too, it may be helpful that I will make my resumes or presentations of the Sacred Scriptures, like I told you in the recent post, “AC.1872 ~ Swedenborg

“The previous and the following paragraphs to this one are extremely beautiful and enlightening about the Sacred Scriptures. I’ll have to study to make them shorter though, before I can present them.”

I am dealing with illness and lots of such issues.

Just like you don’t wait for the creation of one artist to enjoy art, and just like art doesn’t depend of one artist, please, while I’m struggling with my life and illness, I want to tell here to all the people that there’s already much fabolus work done — many many art works done, in order to explain the real meaning of the Bible.

Which answer most questions about violence or absurdity in the Sacred Scriptures. So, while I have right at this moment no time for more, I leave here at least one link, which contains more then what may seem:



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