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The scorning and the crowning with thorns, through the Painters

caravaggio  eccehomo 1606

caravaggio eccehomo 1606

I wrote this few days ago, on the 16th, but had still some things to correct in the english, and that is why it comes out now, a bit later.

“But to repent signifies to be merciful”. Swedenborg, Arcana Coelestia, 587

“For all mankind are evil, and of himself every one would rush into hell, wherefore it  is of mercy that he is delivered thence.” AC, 587

What does this mean?
It means that probably all of us — receptors of the Divine — can as well be influenced by others, can “fall”. For instance, what did I do in other lives? I don’t know. I guess…. Or lets put it another way: if I had grown up with or had only known extremely cruel people… Like others, I would be influenced, and maybe do that too. This is what this means. What it means is the same as when the Eastern says “all is God”. Or when, in one passage, I don’t remember which, Swedenborg describes the following scene in the spiritual world: some spirits are creating a beautiful gift for Christ, and at the end they are all happy and cheering. Swedenborg tells them then that all they did, was coming from God, and not from themselves. And they were surprised for they were not aware, and felt it was from themselves.
This is a beautiful theme which keeps coming back in Swedenborg, explained in a great way. So what Swedenborg is saying can be seen as very condemnatory of the human being. For he is saying that all the good comes only from God. Or it can be understood as the mystics do, when they finally say “all they see is God, all is God”.
Then it becomes quite clear, what it means that all Good is God and comes from God.
Swedenborg explains evil as what happens when human beings start being very powerful, and they think it comes from them, as it happened in the past to some of the very advanced human beings, of the Most Ancient Church. That’s how their religion finally deteriorated, very very slowly, with the time, bit by bit…

Então cuspiram no rosto de Jesus e o esbofetearam. Outros lhe deram bordoadas, dizendo: "Faz-nos uma profecia, Cristo, quem foi que te bateu?"

Então cuspiram no rosto de Jesus e o esbofetearam. Outros lhe deram bordoadas, dizendo: “Faz-nos uma profecia, Cristo, quem foi que te bateu?”

Of course the whole issue is hammered by the Eastern spiritual teachers too. But still there are many questions about it, and I find the way that Swedenborg exposes it, very helpful:
He says we need to feel we are doing things as of ourselves, yet knowing or remembering that they come from God.

Further, Swedenborg’s exposure,  replies to the atheist or sceptic, or non-christian, or previous christian, who talk with contempt of God, who let his son suffer such a fate among human beings, to save them.
The crucifixion is not what saves people!
Jesus suffered all that, because he had to undergo the temptations and processes of human beings, and he underwent all this, in a way that he has defeated evil from the Earth.
Although people think otherwise, the truth is that without his message of love, which we learn so badly and slowly, humanity would be even more lost and in a more advanced state of cruelty. He fought with the evil, yea, with evil spirits, with hell. And in his conquering brought salvation to Earth. But that doesn’t mean that “we are saved, because Jesus was crucified, and we believe”.
I agree with all the people who think that that can not be true.
And the catholic faith, in the past, always defended the same as Swedenborg in this respect.
So Jesus crucifixion is much more then what we think, actually.
But it doesn’t substitute neither our private paths, nor the need for us to stop the cruel inhumanity which humanity has created.

So, when Swedenborg is saying that human beings are bad, it means that without God, humans (remember them getting tyrant powers…) do NOT, can NOT succeed in making a better society ! For ultimately, all good is God and comes from God. It’s like light. We may become stars. But what is a star without the light?

Thus the Crucifixion, is, historically speaking, the volunteer confrontation that Jesus had with evil because it does exist: it comes between us and a path of joy, it oppresses US, individually and collectively, sending the earth into a path of steel and concrete, of mechanical and materialistic “transformation” of the organisms and human beings into advanced controlled machines, with even much less consciousness, freedom, love and compassion.

It’s not for nothing that the Resurrection, in the world of Spirit, is celebrated in it’s correspondence on earth with the coming back of Spring and Life. The reason is that the real Life is not the coming back of Nature, but Life is the Spirit which inhabits Nature.


Titian, Coroação com Espinhos e Escárnio de Cristo

Titian, Coroação com Espinhos e Escárnio de Cristo


Anthonis_van_Dyck_La coronación_de_espinas El Prado.

Anthonis_van_Dyck_La coronación_de_espinas
El Prado.

Flagellation Michael Pacher 1495-98 Vienna

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