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The Meaning of sabbath day – 1: in the natural sense 15-6-13 – YouTube

The Meaning of sabbath day – 1: in the natural sense 15-6-13 – YouTube.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6l9e7Ybdj0]
I published it yesterday, saturday — but I felt that it was not good enough to place it here.  It does have a few theological points at the end which need further clarity and depth. But I let that come in it’s time :)
At any rate, we don’t come to the earth to restore heaven and earth, as Jesus.
Nevertheless, all together, (with God) is that not exactly what we have to do? Yes.

My 1st YT video: How to tell a kid what charity, altruism & love to the neighbour is, in 3’30”

How to tell a kid what charity, altruism and love to the neighbour is – YouTube.
3rd June: Yes, my first time ever: started with a text on Charity.
Charity is a burned word, much detested. I want to clean it and recover it. So that we can also clean and renew Charity itself : D !
With so much love.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pg6sq669QCY]

(PS –  Dear WordPress.com staff: do you know that there’s something not good with your sharing of video buttons? It’s really annoying: when we press on “insert video” it functions, but finally the video isn’t insert, so we have to restart everything and do it by hand. And this since such a long time, years!! Please repair that.

And if I can have your attention, let me add the following:

1 – there are a lot of other things you can PLEASE make easier and better too: the placing of photos on the side bar, and a way to memorize our side bars, widgets, photos, headers and backgrounds properly, so that they’re not lost when we try other template, and we have to restart from the beginning.) It’s still all too clumsy and time-consuming.
2 – I’m sure that when your intent is to give your best to everybody, instead of only to the ones who can pay dollars for a template, some smart guys will quickly come up with a solution for this.
3 – You demand money for the real templates which would make us a lot happier and have really cool websites/blogs. Instead of doing that, I would suggest you to try the following: charge that money only from big companies, and the rich from whom you can ask gifts and collaboration. Because all the others who can’t pay in money, help you already: without them you wouldn’t exist. They do gratis publicity for you, have served you (also! besides making use of your services) as experiment rabbits for years, and are the ground of your existence. It’s then not cool to let them only with the “trial stuff” (…) while you raise to  professional standards, and let them on the ground. Take up with you the people who help you raise. Let’s celebrate Love for quality. It’s something to cheer and instigate, has nothing to do with greed. Greedy are the one’s on the other side, who think of quality always in relation to money.)

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