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Graham Hancock, Monotheolistic religions are all about control

via Graham Hancock – Monotheolistic religions are fundamentally all about control – YouTube.

I agree with him partially. And partially I don’t.
Besides, I live out of that control for so long. Catholic religion, where in I have grown, has never put any pressure on me, let alone control. But many “alternative half pseudo religion”, PRESSURE people and give them GUILT !!!

Nevertheless Swedenborg reading is a paradise for criticism of traditional religion, but in a way of understanding what and where it goes wrong.
Encouraged to explore spiritual realms: that is what reading Swedenborg is for me, after many “experiences”. I know that it is going to form a foundation for infinite experiencing… but at the right adres !! That is also why I share it. There’s here a knowledge which is so bewond the personal and circunstancial.
One of the reasons why I bring Graham hier, is that Arcana Coelestia is a wonderful journey into the Quest for the Lost Civilisation !

“Há mais luz nas letras do alfabeto, do que no Universo inteiro” Guerra Junqueiro
There is more light in the letters of the alphabet then in the whole Universe” ~ Guerra Junqueiro, portuguese poet / writer

“Not encouraged to live things and truth by themselves” ~ Graham
As a just response to that reality of centuries, there’s nowadays a great invitation across the globe to seek experiences.
Some, have  to experience new things on the outside world: new travelings, new sports, more risky adventures.
Others, have each time to experience new things on the spiritual market, new sensations…. Even in art: if it is a novelty, it’s art, – lol!
Holland just announced that the new hit on TV will be a program about a crew which they’ll be sending to live in Mars, forever, lol !

Este slideshow necessita de JavaScript.

ler: sobre Seshat, senhora da casa dos livros da vida, ou Autumn’s Egyptology

When we read the Arcana Coelestia, you are being invited to come aboard too, of a vehicule that will take us in a far away journey. First, into a far away past of long lost knowledge. 
But let’s admit it: it’s more rewarding then living enclosed for the rest of your life, and less demanding then going to Mars ;)
This is a tool to rebuild an alive temple: you; a map to find a treasure; an alive science about the non dying part of you, us, humans, and their stories of becoming divine.
It is not one more journey on the outside world.
It is not yet one more week-end workshop.
It is doctrine. Knowledge for us to experience and live and make alive. Only then, will we grow into progressively understanding more of what it says.
It is as if the earlier “Pharaos” who were close to God, are sitting right by your side, inviting you to their knowledge. It is really so !
Angels don’t pay much attention to the literal sense of the words, the words of these sacred scriptures open doors to higher realms.

And opening the energy centres, is a better way to naturally produce serotonin and DMT ;) in the good amount for each one, because, in this case, under God and his Angels’s supervision ;)
So please, I hope if someone comes along, and sees our Old Testament reading, and turns aways thinking we are some kind of controlled ignorant sheep slaves who believe everything that is told to us without having experienced anything by ourselves, reads this, and think twice. We are just people who enjoy the company of the Angels :) See pictures above.

“This here is all about the right for everybody to experience the spiritual realms themselves, and changing the economic structure which is holding us from doing it !!!!!! “

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