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Conjugial Love, by Emanuel Swedenborg: 501-550


Extreme complex matters annotation:

After this I returned home, and the next day, from a recollection of these sad scenes, I looked to the same forest, and saw that it had disappeared, and in its place there was a sandy plain, and in the midst thereof a lake, in which were some red serpents. But some weeks after when I was looking thither again, I saw on its right side some fallow land, and upon it some husbandmen; and again, after some weeks I saw springing out of that fallow land some tilled land surrounded with shrubs; and I then heard a voice from heaven, \”Enter into your chamber, and shut the door, and apply to the work begun on the Apocalypse, and finish it within two years.\”
… … …


THE LORD SAITH, JUDGE NOT, THAT YE BE NOT CONDEMNED, Matt. vii. 1; which cannot in any wise mean judgement respecting any one\’s moral and civil life in the world, but respecting his spiritual and celestial life. Who does not see, that unless a man was allowed to judge respecting the moral life of those who live with him in the world, society would perish? What would society be if there were no public judicature, and if every one did not exercise his judgement respecting another? But to judge what is the quality of the interior mind, or soul, thus what is the quality of any one\’s spiritual state, and thence what his lot is after death, is not allowed; for that is known only to the Lord: neither does the Lord reveal this till after the person\’s decease, to the intent that every one may act freely in whatever he does, and thereby that good or evil may be from him, and thus be in him, and that thence he may live to himself and live his own to eternity. The reason why the interiors of the mind, which are kept hid in the world, are revealed after death is, because this is of importance and advantage to the societies into which the man then comes; for in them all are spiritual. That those interiors are then revealed, is plain from these words of the Lord: _There is nothing concealed, which shall not be revealed, or hidden, which shall not be known: therefore whatsoever things ye have said in darkness, shall be heard in light: and that which ye have spoken into the ear in closets shall be preached on the house-tops_, Luke xii. 2, 3. A common judgement, as this for instance,–\”If you are such in internals as you appear to be in externals, you will be saved or condemned,\” is allowed; but a particular judgement, as this, for instance,–\”You are such in internals, therefore you will be saved or condemned,\” is not allowed. Judgement concerning the spiritual life of a man, or the internal life of the soul, is meant by the imputation which is here treated of. Can any human being know and decide who is in heart an adulterer, and who a conjugial partner? And yet the thoughts of the heart, which are the purposes of the will, judge every one.

via Conjugial Love, by Emanuel Swedenborg: 501-550.


7 Comentários

  1. Lee disse:

    This is a very beautiful statement by Swedenborg. Thanks for posting it!

    • Madrepérola disse:

      Thank you for your presence Lee. If you wish let me know How you interpret it or see it.

      One of the special parts for me, anyway, is “and I then heard a voice from heaven, ”Enter into your chamber, and shut the door, and apply to the work begun on the Apocalypse, and finish it within two years.” Quite amazing…
      (If you wish let me know what you understand under this, too)
      Very nice to “see you”, best regards

      • Lee disse:

        Hi Madrepérola,

        I was thinking more of #523 than of #522. On #523, I see it as saying that the things Swedenborg teaches us in the book Marriage Love are meant to be applied to our own life and relationships, not to other people’s lives and relationship. Our job is to examine and fix up our own life, not to judge others and attempt to tell them how they should be living.

      • Madrepérola disse:

        Thank you Lee.
        My question, actually, was strictly about my personal life.
        But your reply is a surprise for me. As now I’m confused at what you mean.

        Please allow me the question: if our job is such, what are you doing on the internet ?
        But I’m seeing your reply wrongly, I’m sure, as it would be a paradox in all senses.
        As a matter of fact, it’s you who once even supported me here replying to me before.

        Oeps, I got to go

        Best regards

      • Lee disse:

        Of course, I know very little about your personal life, so perhaps my response was a side issue for you. I am mainly talking about judging what other consenting adults do. People who sexually victimize others definitely must be judged and convicted by the civil courts.

      • Lee disse:

        I see my job on the Internet as teaching, inspiring, and enlightening people with spiritual ideas and principles from the Bible and Swedenborg’s writings, as well as from my own experience, that will be helpful for them in their spiritual and social life.

      • Madrepérola disse:

        Sure Lee, I agree with you entirely.

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