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The Swedenborg Society – Swedenborg House Flag


The Swedenborg Society.



design a flag for swedenborg house | submissions now open

Deadline for Submissions: 7 June 2013 | Winner Announcement: 27 June 2013

Anyone passing our premises on Bloomsbury Way may notice that Swedenborg House has a rather prominent flag pole – but no flag… Since the Swedenborg Society acquired the building in 1923, a number of flags have flown from this pole, above the Society’s bookshop. However the latest design was taken down around ten years ago.

We are now opening submissions for a brand new design, fitting for the Society’s third century of existence. This design will be sewn or printed onto a new flag, which will hang outside the Society’s grade-II-listed building in Bloomsbury, central London. The winning design should reflect something essential about the Swedenborg Society. We are open to a range of ideas, both abstract and representational; and we would welcome designers to visit the Society and its archives for inspiration. This competition is a great opportunity for artists and designers to showcase their work at an historic venue in central London.

The deadline for submissions is 7 June 2013. The winning design will be announced at the Society’s Annual General Meeting on 27 June 2013. Finally, the grand unveiling of the new flag will take place in September. We look forward to seeing your submissions! Please download the press release (below) for measurements.

Those wishing to submit should send their designs, in PDF format, to nora@swedenborg.org.uk. Alternatively please post submissions to: Swedenborg Society Flag Competition, Swedenborg House, 20-21 Bloomsbury Way, London WC1A 2TH, UK.


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